Vector Artist

My name is Lily Kavliuk and I’m a vector illustrator. I work in sketch and hand-drawn style

Sometimes I do special things in fine art, like in case with Vladimir Lenin

That is my passion


I’ve done my 365 days of sketching project which I was doing during 2015. You can check it out on my Tumblr blog.

I have a blog, it’s in Ukrainian. That is where I try to share my knowledge of earning money on microstocks with Ukrainian artists. I wrote a book about it in order to create a systematized paper on this particular subject. I have my own time-management system to plan my work. I’m working on organization and motivation system for artists who have just started their work on microstocks.

Feel free to contact me on if you are interested in buying my illustrations exclusively or have any questions. Also I would be glad to draw something special for you.